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Airport limo car seat your designated Pearson airport choice for pre-arranged transportation services. Landing @ Am hours or proceeding to any airport of Ontario and requiring pre-installed baby seat services. Toronto airport limo car seat by speedy limousine Toronto is here to make your trip a safe one. As a leader of Toronto airport limousine child car seats, we have raised our SLOGAN to (NO KIDS WITHOUT CAR SEAT) we go as further to help contribute the safety that we have partners to share the cost of taxi ride for you or we simply waive the child car seat fee and send it as free to raise / protect the livelihoods of our kids future.

FAQs Before reserving a child seat Transportation

We are trend setter of safe travelling families with children, large groups to independent young families. Things you need to know prior of contacting are not rocket science. It’s just you have to have flight itineraries handy, amount of luggage to be carried out with, stroller large to small or a playpen along with baggage and children weigh and heights. Which are usually on your figure tips anyways. We suggest a sedan for three checking luggage with an umbrella stroller and an suv for anything over this amount of luggage. As of courtesy we wait up to ten minutes for free of charge along with your installed car seat limousine shuttle ride. Over that period you will be charged for the time part of usage for the waiting. We require a credit card on file for all prearrange reservations and it’s always subject to $15 charged by Pearson Toronto authorities. Providing a car seat limo service is a courtesy and Toronto airport limo car seat will not be liable for any loss and damage caused by a no-show, weather or roadside issues.

Infant Car Seat Birth - 9 kg (20lbs)

Children are our bright future and it is our duty to protect them and provide them with a safe and green environment while travelling to airports. Toronto airport limo car seat believe's that your kids are our children and providing them complete safety during their travelling is our utmost priority and responsibility. Airport limo child seat feel proud in announcing that we are one on the leading companies who have integrated child safety laws in our travelling system. From giving birth, cutting the code from bally to the day they move out from the homes, it’s a parent’s pilgrimage to teach their children and treat them right way. Using car seats or not in a Toronto airport car service is not like buying a formula from the grocery store. They all have same ingredients yet different price. One has to seek knowledge to hire a company like Toronto airport limo car seat to get the family securely to the required destination.

Toddler Baby Car Seat 9 - 18 kg (20 - 40 lbs)

Toronto airport taxi car seat already providing all the necessary services such as car seats - baby seats - booster seats - toddler seats - child seats - infant seats and baby seats and now Toronto airport taxi Child seat is offering this special online service for our clients to make you aware of the recent safe baby travel laws in GTA. Please make sure to get the right selection of the child seat, when making an online reservation. That’s not important that you use airport limo car seats for instance, important is to be educated so get in touch with one of our experienced staff members. Raise the concern you might have in your mind. Any ideas or suggestions are always delightedly welcome. This is a family owned business to protect and connect the links within Ontario’s society to grow children with in safe boundaries of Toronto GTA. Funny enough we heard over the times that our rivals do not serve toddler seats facing rear, customers had to reserve airport limo car seat to acquire their services. Airport limo taxi cab serves any numbers of guests and any amount of luggage you may want us to proceed with, get your unbeatable quality service dispatched today!

Booster Car Seat 18- 36 kg (40 - 80 lbs)

This is so you find it easier to choose the services which are right for you and your loved ones, after all children are the most precious part of our lives. Please be aware and do not be cheated by the numerous companies about which child car seat is right for your kids. Our mission is to make awake of whole Ontario of child safety act. Do not use any other except the one indicated for your baby's age and weight.Toronto Airport Limo toddler seat for premium class Limousine Taxi experience alongside any sort of car seats such as Toddler car seats booster car seats infant car seats for babies, children and grown up kids.It’s a fare debate, whether it’s a must to use a car seat while transporting kids or its unnecessary as you are practically allowed to transfer them in a commercial vehicle without car seats. The right judgement is, everyone is different and so they raise children by their own way. Safest way to deal with the issue is to have a service with baby car seat installed so you are covered by insurance rules in case of any road side issue.
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